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To maximize effectiveness for prevention from Roadkill on road, this device has functions to warn the driver when animals come close to the road and to scare away animals approaching the road. 

Guardian of Roadkill

anit roadkill, provent from roadkill
​​How to prevent from Roadkill

Motion /Thermal Imaging Sensor : It detects wildlife with a radius of 20 meters.

1.  To scare away animals


1) LED Flasher : After detection by the sensor, it blinks automatically. 

2) Speaker : it emits various frequency band at the same time.

The above functions stay active for 1 minute after scaring away.

2. To warn drivers

1) LED Warning Light : it is flashed on to make the driver slow down their vehicle. 

​​How to work effectively
​​1. Install the devices in the roadkill hot spot
install to provent from roadkill
​​2. Approaching wildlife be detected by Motion / Thermal Imaging Sensor
detect approaching wildlife
​​3. Automatically LED flash and specific sound warn & expel the approaching wildlife
sound of repelling, sound repeller
flasher to repell wildlife
​​4. LED Warning Light turns on to warn the driver to reduce the speed of the vehicle
to warn the driver to down their speed
how to provent from roadkill

Gyroscope Speaker for Traffic Control

Gyroscope Speaker?

It is a speaker system that can effectively transmit safety broadcasts to rear vehicles by maintaining the sound radiation angle (10 degrees) at various road inclination angles.


  • Output Power : 50W in max. 

  • Impedance : 8 ohm

  • Frequency Range : 250 ~ 6K Hz

  • S. P. L : 125dB

  • Sound Radiation Angle : 10º

Install on TMA with Arrow Board
Conventional Speaker 
Gyroscope Speaker

Highly Powerful Horn Speaker for long-distance broadcast

This was developed for Korean Military to broadcast.
It delivers over 10Km  at night time when 24 sets of horn speakers are operated.  
- Power Rating : 300W
- Frequency Range : 180 ~ 3,300Hz
- Impedance :  8 ohms
- Voice : Over 70dB @ 2Km
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