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1200W standard type for ground and mobile


Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is designed for long-range communications and developed for broadcasting propaganda to North Korea.

Nowadays, these systems are used by law enforcement, border securities, defense, maritime and commercial purposes. Sometimes, it's used to deter wildlife from airport runways and farms. ​

100W loud hailer for PTZ camera system


 100W, Rugged, Compact design for Thermal & Visible PTZ Camera System



Long Range Acoustic Devices

  1. Roger-2400

  2. Roger-1200

  3. Roger-600S

  4. Roger-600R

  5. Roger-400

  6. Roger-300

  7. Roger-200

  8. Roger-100

  • Law enforcement

  • Defense agencies

  • Maritime

  • Broadcasting audible notifications

  • Warnings over distance

  • Prevention from bird-strike at airport

  • Wildlife control

  • Agricultural operations

  • Industrial facilities



  1. Compression Driver Units

  2. Horn Speakers

  3. Megaphones

  4. Column Speakers

  5. Marine Speakers

  • Sports stadiums

  • Public transportation vehicles

  • Facilities

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Gyms

  • Airports

  • Clubs​


Special Acoustic Devices

  1. Guardian of Roadkill

  2. Directional Speaker Systems for pedestrian​

  3. Highly Powerful Horn Speaker for long distance broadcast

  4. Directional Speaker System for Tunnel

  • Roadside

  • Expressway

  • Pedestrians Signal

  • Long Distance Broadcast

  • Tunnel

  • Border


Gyro-Speaker on TMA with Arrow Board 

It is a speaker system that can effectively transmit safety broadcasts to rear vehicles by maintaining the sound radiation angle (10 degrees) at various road inclination angles.
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